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18 - 20 September 2018


Group of Companies Ostec

The Group of Companies OSTEC is the largest engineering company in Russia and the CIS, providing complex engineering and consulting services to increase the efficiency of enterprises and competitiveness of their products in such sectors as:

  • Electronic components and GIS;
  • Aviation and space electronics;
  • Electrical engineering and power engineering;
  • Automotive electronics;
  • Consumer electronics;
  • Computers and peripherals;
  • Industrial equipment and electronics;
  • Medical equipment and security systems;
  • Telecommunications;
  • Research and education.

For the years of its work the enterprise has carried out more than 2000 complex projects on development of technical and technological capabilities of the production of advanced equipment. Today, more than 80% of all radio electronic industries in Russia have equipment and technological solutions supplied by Ostec. The group of companies provides the whole spectrum of work - from conducting audits of enterprises to working out the technological process on the products of the client with the subsequent technological support of production.

  • More than 500 employees
  • More than 50 service engineers
  • More than 2500 clients
  • 12 business units
  • Suppliers – world leaders

About services of the Group of Companies

The group of companies OSTEC offers its customers a long-term partnership and continuous assistance. The purpose of the assistance is a planned improvement of the enterprise with the speed of development of technologies in the world. The five elements are the mandatory elements of the continuous assistance model:

Research + Planning + Design + Equipment + Maintenance.

Ostec works with projects of any complexity:

  • Large integrated production concerns;
  • Large-scale production;
  • Medium-sized enterprises;
  • Small-scale production.

Applied Research and Product Development

A competitive product is a component of a company's success. For continuous development assistance, we analyze trends in the field of advanced and advanced technologies, conduct market research. New opportunities resulting from research are the basis for R & D in the development of the product range. To our clients on the basis of our Research Institute of Innovative Technologies (LLC "NIIIT") we provide assistance in such works as:

  • Development of the product concept;
  • Evaluation of the technical level of developments by comparing them with the latest patented industrial property objects;
  • Forecasting of trends in the development of scientific directions, objects of technology and production technologies;
  • Selection of the production base for working out the product;
  • Interaction with universities and academic institutes of relevant and related fields in education and joint implementation of applied research;
  • Certification of new materials, products, devices;
  • Verification of the patentability of the research;
  • Verification of the patent purity of the developed developments and the possibility of patenting them abroad;
  • Validation and verification of completed works;
  • Introduction of the product into production.

Examples of Projects in Ostec

Federal State Unitary Enterprise "Production Association" October", JSC "Semiconductor Devices Plant", Central Research Institute "Cyclone", Corporation "General Satellite" (CTC), JSC "Russian Space Systems", LLC "Yazaki Volga" (LLC "IVK" ), Mikron Plant, POLET, OJSC SPE "ISTOK", JSC NPP "Pulsar", LLC "Altonika", NPP "ITELMA", JSC "Plant" Avtopribor", CJSC "NPF "DOLOMANT", JSC "Izhevsky Radio Plant", JSC "NPOEL", CJSC "Argus-Spectrum", FSUE "RNIIRS".

Maintenance programme

In order to facilitate the continuous development of its customers, Ostec maintains an escort program that includes:

  • Demonstration of equipment in a demo-hall with an area of 320 square meters;
  • An invitation to visit 20 specialized exhibitions, including, "ElectronTechExpo" and Productions in Munich;
  • Informing and consulting on 10 Internet sites on different types of technological solutions;
  • An invitation to visit the International Symposium As old;
  • Mailing of specialized printed publications;
  • An invitation to visit more than 30 industry seminars a year.

About Partnership with Suppliers

OSTEC cooperates with more than 200 leading manufacturers of equipment and materials. The group of companies adheres to the principle of impeccability in offering its services to customers, therefore among the partners of Ostec only the best company leaders.
For customers, our policy of working with suppliers means:

  • Organization of partners' training of specialists in the use of technology;
  • Translation for customers of technical documentation on the operation of equipment suppliers;
  • Organization of interaction between customers and suppliers during joint exhibitions with suppliers.


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